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Function Introduction

This model is an intelligent product of HIGHLEAD compound feed heavy duty series. Thanks for mini built-in powerful servo motor for direct drive, high-performance servo control system, and some independent stepper motor to control mechanic actions, the machine has many higher intelligent sewing functions. The selection and setting of sewing modes and parameters can be operated through the touch screen, which is intuitive and simple. Independent stepper motors can control the stitch length and the presser foot alternation. It can control various programs and compensation settings. It can sew smoothly of various thick materials and achieve perfect multi-track. The high-precision sewing thickness perception module cooperate with electronic thread tension and electronic presser foot alternation control system , makes the sewing effect more beautiful, efficient and diversified.
This machine has the function of intelligent stitch length adjustment and intelligent sewing speed adjustment combined with sewing material thickness detection system, which can automatically compensate the stitch length, automatically adjust the sewing speed, lower the needle temperature to ensure the consistency of the stitch length when the thickness of sewing material changes and ensure the quality of the stitches at high and low speed. Through setting, advanced sewing techniques can be achieved such as variable stitch length sewing, start-stop micro-stitch length bar-tacking and so on. It is an ideal equipment for sewing high-grade car seats, car interiors, cloth furniture, tents, umbrellas, suitcases, sports goods and other medium and heavy materials.

Product Parameters






foot lift



Rotating hook

Presser foot





Intelligent stitch

length adjustment

Intelligent sewing

speed adjustment

3000 r.p.m 0 - 9 mm

By Pneumatic

16 mm

DPx 17


Large vertical hook

(1.6 times)

1.5 - 7 mm 300x120 mm

220 V 850 W

Servo motor


Intelligent presser foot

altemation adjustment

Intelligent stitch

changing sewing


thread trimmer

Automatic presser

foot lifter


thread tension


Automatic back




Phone Number

(8621)6406 1284

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